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Synchronize your business operations with Ezportal

Ezportal is the new age human resource management system for the new age workforce.
A terrific union of Human resources and technology can give your business an edge on the competitive run.
We simplify your HR processes by automating the traditional HR strategies.

An end-to-end HR solution that is sure to revolutionize the work dynamics with distinctive functions
like employee management, instant updates, automation and many more.
Allow us to manage your workforce while you focus on your goals.

Our Offerings

Ezportal Modules

Roll smooth with EZPORTAL Payroll

Payroll, undoubtedly is vital for any business. Depending on the size of the organization, payroll processing can get tedious and traumatic.

EZPORTAL fits right in - With EZPORTAL, you can manage payroll like a pro without shuffling between spreadsheets. We transform monotonous payroll to hassle free payroll in no time.

Payroll approaching? Keep calm! We got this.

  • Salary Management and Generation - What once took days to process will now be achieved in a few hours. In the era where time is money, EZPORTAL handles both, Time and Money.

    Manage and generate employee salaries under just 30 minutes. Our feature rich and user friendly software consolidates all leaves, attendance adjustments, grace periods,PF, Gratuity, etc and produces 100 % accurate salaries.

  • Pay slip - Automatically generate salary slips with an elaborate breakdown of deductions, allowances etc.

  • Diverse salary structures - EZPORTAL offers an effortless customization of salary structures.

    Define varied salary templates as per company policies and swiftly match the right template to the right employee.

  • Salary history and transaction - Encourage employee self service by providing them access to their salary details. Employees can now record and review the salary transactions.

  • Reimbursement management - Employees are entitled to an 'Ask and you shall Receive' feature that allows them to update expenses and request for reimbursement.

  • Employee exit management - EZPORTAL provides auto-generated functions for issuing standard letters at the time of exit thus allowing the parting employee to reap rewards immediately.

Make the hunt SWIFT and EASY

The key to successful business is to start smooth. EZPORTAL offers and advanced and comprehensive recruitment platform, well equipped with features that enliven the staffing process for any organisation.

From posting jobs to tracking applications and keeping the candidates connected, we help you manage your recruitment with ease.

Hire the best, faster this time.

  • Job posting - Create, manage and post your job openings on the company website through EZPORTAL. Your first impression attracts good applications, EZPORTAL creates an easy-to-apply form and redefines your hiring process. Auto-sync the website to the portal and receive applications in a jiffy.

  • Application Management - Choosing the right candidate may take a while, application screening should not. With EZPORTAL, you can briskly sort applications with the search and match policy.

    The ocean may have fish in plenty, we take you to the right one.

  • Candidate Engagement, Scheduling Interviews - EZPORTAL initiates a pleasing experience for the candidate and the management by systematically notifying both the parties, on the recruitment progress. The goal is to pipeline the recruitment affair.

    An all-in-one recruitment software that allows the recruiter to schedule interviews, send confirmation mails, notify the interviewer, all through one effective portal.

  • On-Boarding and Off-Boarding - Start smooth, end good.

    EZPORTAL helps with induction and effectively handles deduction. Forget the paper chaos while you say hello to EZPORTAL, we let you effortlessly upload and store employee documents on a centralised platform. The candidate now turned employee can be seamlessly introduced to the organization through our diverse onboarding features.

    Give your employees a good farewell with our offboarding functions. EZPORTAL generates standard letters for an exiting employee and calculates the F&F settlements. EZPORTAL can be your go-to guide for a graceful exit.

Bid farewell to paperwork

Good data supports great business. Optimising data collection and maintenance is the need of the hour.

With EZPORTAL, you can capture,store and retrieve data from a centralised forum. You ask for efficiency, we give you efficiency with quality.

Data is precious, preserve and present it like never before.

  • Employee Data - Maintaining up-to-date information and ensuring accuracy of data is of utmost importance to any organization. EZPORTAL offers a centralised database which allows you to store, manage and access employee data from any source.

  • Organisation Data
  • Organisation Data - The organization's policies and culture can be communicated across the company in one go. EZPORTAL offers smart functions that allow you to post and update documents on one application.The management will typically have the option to define field by field what information employees can view, not view, or update.

  • Visitor Data - EZPORTAL replaces traditional visitor logs with smart digital registers. Make your guests arrival smooth with our crisp and interactive sign-in function.

    Forget worn out registers while you effortlessly record important visitor information. Add a little glamour to the front desk and make the right first professional impression on your visitors.

Power to employees/ Empower your employees

The ESS system allows the employees to take ownership by providing them the flexibility to access their data, manage their schedules, plan and apply for leaves through the dashboard.

It ensures a positive impact on your business by enabling employee contribution.

We help you, help yourselves.

  • Leave Application
  • Travel Expense
  • Employee Access - Let your employees feel a sense of empowerment by managing what is rightfully theirs, their personal records. In a nutshell, it is all about developing a more engaging employee experience across the organization. EZPORTAL offers the best in industry solutions to employee centric organizations. From effortless leave applications to recording salary summaries to tracking attendance, the employees now have a truckload of solutions at their fingertips.

  • Reimbursement Solutions - Employees are entitled to an ‘Ask and you shall Receive’ feature that allows them to update expenses and request for reimbursement.

Each day counts / Roll Call

The HR has a long list of tasks but tracking attendance manually should not be one of them. EZPORTAL offers a robust system to track and monitor the attendance.

With accuracy on point, EZPORTAL helps your organisation focus on the right thing - your business.

You punch in or punch out, EZPORTAL makes it count.

  • Biometric Integration - punch in/out
  • Attendance Status/Chart
  • Attendance Adjustments

Casual leaves and Earned leaves

EZPORTAL provides detailed leave tracking for an accurate overview of the workforce. It eliminates the risk of human errors in managing the leave system.

We ensure workforce transparency by automating the leave processes. Indeed a win-win for both,the organisation and it’s employees.

Your leaves are as important to us as they are to you. Allow EZPORTAL to manage them well for you.

  • Leave Application, Leave Notification
  • Leave Balance, Absenteeism

We make work happen...ing!

EZPORTAL provides smart tools to create and prioritize tasks for impeccable results. With EZPORTAL'S workflow system you can visualize, plan, organize and assign tasks and make teamwork happen.

Reward your employees with a workspace to learn and explore.

Add flow to your work, add EZPORTAL to your business.

  • Workflow
  • Status Reports

Core HR

Human resources is not just about hiring and firing, it’s about identifying and maximising the value of your people.

Through its extensive functions, EZPORTAL aims at strengthening the bond between the employees and the management.

We add a pinch of thrill and excitement by enhancing the communication amongst the organisation.

  • Notice Board - Announcements
  • Employee Engagement - Birthdays, events, Holidays
  • Bird Eye View
  • Admin settings - Master Configuration


Ezportal provides with the following features

Responsive Layout

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Easy to Customize

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Fully Documented

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Longer Processes? Delayed Results?
Why worry when you can sail smoothly with EZPORTAL

The first emotion to pop up when you think of Payroll

Well, allow EZPORTAL to transform the emotion for you.

Explore the magic of peaceful payroll.
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The search ends here. EZPORTAL is everything your business is looking for.

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